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Looking for the ideal place for your next holiday on the French Riviera?

You want to choose the Domaine du Colombier, 5 stars campsite in Fréjus in Provence, but you would like to know what holidaymakers, who tried it, think about it.

Do you have the same tastes as your neighbors? Than the people you meet on the highway? Or when you are shopping? Because a forum of travelers on which everyone gives his opinion is like wanting to share the same opinion as the stranger, to take into consideration the experience of others, to rely on their judgment to know what to do.

And yes it is always interesting to know the opinions of others and read the answers that are given. It is simply helpful, yet it is necessary to report their experiences to your expectations.

Know that everything is relative: we all love and detest different things. Some prefer skirts, others pants. Some like brown other blond. Some have spent their holidays at the Colombier, with the same family composition or in couple, the same week and yet they do not agree. Some loved it and some did not. Normal to each his tastes and preferences! And it is necessary to have different tastes because unanimity does not exist.

The Domaine du Colombier evolves every year, improves its services, innovates, and develops because we are at your disposal. What is possible must be done, what is reasonable must be studied and created, and what needs to be improved must be realized. What is far-fetched will be discarded, which is criticized and unfounded to obtain a commercial gesture will be declined too.

The Domaine du Colombier is not perfect but does everything to make your holiday so!

You have chosen the Côte d’Azur for your holidays with the beautiful sandy beaches of Fréjus Saint Raphaël, you have selected the Domaine du Colombier, 5 star campsite in Provence and we thank you for this, do not hesitate any more: since 1963 we have welcomed 1 300 000 people who trusted us before you.

We have selected different reports, testimonials, and blogs from different people on different social networks, who can really tell you about the Domaine du Colombier for your next holiday because they know it well: they have come here for several years, or came for the first time last year but have already booked for their next holiday.

Hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you soon 🙂


Domaine du Colombier

Note moyenne sur 697 avis

Services 9/10
Quality/price ratio 8.2/10
Restaurant 7.3/10
Infrastructure 8.3/10
Swimming pool 9/10
Spa 8.9/10
Animations 7.5/10
Mobile-Home 9/10
Surroundings 9.6/10
Reception and service 8.2/10
Accommodation 8/10
9 10

 - In family

Very nice place, good lodges and nice swimming pools

Expérience du 23/08/2021
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Restaurant 5/10
Infrastructure 9/10
Animations 9/10
Reception and service 9/10
Accommodation 9/10

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