Citizens of Planet Earth

The Domaine du Colombier 5 star Holiday village on the French Riviera has been a member of “Qualité tourisme” since 1997 and has a “Clef Verte” (Green Key) certification. This policy of quality and environmental management ensures that we continually invest more in order to offer what’s best for everybody: electric vehicles, water management (special taps, sprinkle programs), electricity management (low energy light bulbs in all new rentals and office buildings…), limiting chemical products and treating waste disposal.

The planet’s future is our children’s future. You can also actively participate in their protection by: turning off lights when you leave a room, not wasting water: turning off taps when you’re having a wash or cleaning your teeth, sorting rubbish before throwing it out. Respect Mother Nature: she’s a source of beauty, the oxygen provider and the earth’s protector. With a bit of care and attention we can offer ourselves a happier future.

In accordance to current European law concerning recycling, please bring your rubbish to the waste disposal unit near the entrance to the campsite, next to the mini football pitch and the supermarket. Here you will find special containers for glass, plastic, paper and cardboard. Please place other everyday household waste in the correct bins.

You should only turn on the air conditioning when you are present and after having closed the door and the windows. The temperature should be regulated at 23°C to be efficient and so as not to be a risk to your health.

Regarding the nature and plants at the Domaine du Colombier 5 star Holiday village on the French Riviera in Fréjus, please refrain from throwing stones at trees and in flowerbeds, from cutting branches and from throwing dirty water on the plants and flowerbeds. Any damage caused to the flora and fauna, fences and other equipments on the campsite will be charged to the person responsible.

Water is precious in the South more than anywhere else: please do not turn off the garden hosepipes (droplets), and please inform us of any leaks. Please do not wash your vehicule on the campsite. There is, however, a carwash called La Baleine just 500m away from the campsite.

The majority of the suppliers to the Domaine du Colombier 5 star Holiday village on the French Riviera in Fréjus are French therefore reducing transport and pollution.