The benefits of water

Sunbathing, siestas under the palm trees, rest and relaxation are all part of your Vitality pool experience at the Club Colombier 5 star Holiday Village and Spa in Fréjus/Saint Raphaël. Experience that magical moment when you realise the day is all about you!

Classes, aquagym, cardio machines, massages and relaxation in the Jacuzzis®- let the Club Colombier take care of you during your health and fitness break in Fréjus/Saint-Raphaël for your holiday on the Côte d’Azur. The Vitality pool complex is available exclusively for the wellness, rest and relaxation of adults.

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Take care of yourself

Set opposite the Spa, the beautiful, clean lined, 30 x 20 pool, offers gentle workouts to exercise your body in the warm water. Multiple hydro massage jets, aquatic anatomical seats, lumbar massager, standing spa, foot soothing geysers jets, aquabike, aqua cross-trainer, aqua jogging, aquagym area and three swimming lanes are available at one of the most beautiful vitality pools in France. These dynamic yet gentle workouts are completed under the guidance of our coaches.

Spa Village Domaine du Colombier invites you to discover the joys of Aqua Jumping, exercising on a trampoline submerged in water! A sporty and fun activity allowing you to not only build muscle like other water sports, but also improve your balance. Follow the coach’s instructions on the rhythm of the music, while having fun! Beneath the beautiful straw shading, work out on the cardio machines.

A large solarium and two heated whirlpools, situated overlooking the pool, offer a fine view over the crystal clear water.

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Everyone at their own pace

Create a health and fitness programme at the Vitality pool complex during your stay on the Côte d’Azur at the Club Colombier 5 star Village and Spa in Fréjus/Saint-Raphaël. Complete it at your own pace, with or without the help of a coach. The adjustable sun loungers are waiting for you on the palmed terrace. The 1600m² Vitality pool complex is a private area reserved for adults (+18 years) dedicated exclusively to your health and fitness, rest and relaxation, and perfectly complimented by our Spa treatments.

Have a revitalizing health and fitness break in the Vitality pool complex during your holidays on the Côte d’Azur at the Club Colombier 5 star Holiday village and Spa in Fréjus/Saint Raphaël!

Our Vitality pool and Spa are not medically endorsed. Access to the Vitality pool is available at additional cost. Wearing an (unbreakable plastic anti-allergenic) security bracelet is mandatory. This will be provided on your arrival and must be worn at all times around either the wrist or ankle. Swimming shorts are not permitted in the Vitality pool complex at the Club Colombier 5 star Holiday village and Spa in Fréjus/Saint Raphaël.

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Opposite the balneo pool

The “La Paillote” restaurant, opposite of the Vitality Pool and Spa, offers culinary specialties from across the globe. Do your taste buds a favour and be sure to discover the joys of the kitchen. Your plate with be filled with delights, guaranteed by the healthy and refined cuisine which will certainly have you coming back for more!

The atmosphere is enchanting: a large thatched hut on a terrace surrounded by flowers and palm trees, facing the crystal clear waters of the Vitality Pool mirroring the sun. All day long, from morning until the evening, you will be sure to appreciate the Paillote, for breakfast, a meal or a cocktail, during a themed evening or otherwise.


Colombier's suggestions


Discover all the pleasures of the water in our huge 3600 m2 aquatic space. The six slides, pool, paddling pool, and river with massaging current will delight both young and old. The beaches and tropical pools in this enchanting space will be a meeting place for the whole family during your holidays in the Domaine du Colombier holiday village.


Relax in the Var at the 5 star Domaine du Colombier Spa Village in Fréjus during a massage, facial or hammam session. Set on its bamboo beach, the Domaine du Colombier spa offers a variety of body and facial treatments given by the expert hands of our masseurs and beauticians. The Domaine du Colombier Village Spa aspires to help you escape and relax.