Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations


1° Conditions of entry
Nobody is authorized to enter, set up or stay on the campsite without previous authorization of the manager or his representative who has to make sure that the campsite is correctly held and that the rules and regulations are respected. By staying on the campsite you accept and agree to adhere to the rules and regulations set out below.

2° Police formalities
Any person who stays at least one night on the campsite must produce their identity documents to the manager or their representative and carry out the police formalities. Minors unaccompanied by their parents  during a stay with another family will only be accepted upon presentation of written parental authorisation or the authorisation of the legal guardians.

3° Setting up
Tents, caravans as well as any other associated equipment must be set up on the pitch indicated by the camp manager or his representative.

4° The Reception
During the low season, the office is open from 9.00am to 1.00pm and 2.30pm to 7.00pm. In high season (15/06 to 15/09) from 9.00am to 1.00pm and 2.30pm to 8.00pm. The reception is the source of all useful information concerning campsite facilities, acquiring fresh supplies, sports facilities, places of interest and various addresses which may prove useful. A complaints book or a special box dedicated to receive complaints is at campers’ disposal. Complaints will only be taken into consideration if they are signed, dated, written as coherently as possible and concern recent events.

5° Taxes
Taxes are paid at the reception. Their amount is displayed at the campsite entrance and at the Reception and it varies according to the number of nights spent at the campsite. Guests are asked to inform the Reception of their departure the day before. Guests intending to depart before the opening of the Reception must pay the taxes the day before their departure.

Pitches: prices per night from 12.00pm to 12.00pm
Rental: arrivals from 5.00pm. Please let us know if you are arriving later, by calling +33.494.515.601. Departures must take place during the Reception opening hours. To make the process easier, the Reception is open from 8.00am on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. All departures outside Reception opening hours will automatically incur a €85 cleaning charge, because it would not have been possible to check the cleanliness and hygiene of the rental together.

6° Noise and silence
Guests on the campsite are asked to avoid making any noise or talking in a way which may disturb their neighbours and fellow guests, and to keep any musical devices at a reasonable volume. Please close your doors and boots quietly. Dogs and other animals must be kept on a lead at all times. They should never be left alone on the campsite, even when locked in, and their master will be held liable under civil law. We request complete silence between the hours of 11pm-7am.

7° Visitors
After being authorised by the manager or his representative, visitors will granted entry to the campsite and will be under the responsibility of the campsite guests. Guests are allowed to welcome one or more visitors at the Reception. If these visitors are granted entry to the campsite, the guest who greets them may have to pay a tax, given that the visitor will have free access to the campsite’s facilities and services. This tax is displayed at the campsite entrance and at the Reception. Visitors’ cars are not allowed on the campsite.

8° Traffic and parking
Inside the campsite speed is limited to 10 km/h (6mph).
Traffic is not permitted between the hours of 11:55pm and 6am.
Only campsite guests may drive on the campsite.
Parking on pitches reserved for tents or caravans is strictly forbidden and moreover should not prevent new guests from setting up.

9° Appearance and upkeep of  campsite facilities
Every person must respect the cleanliness and hygiene of the campsite. Do not throw dirty water on the ground or in the gutters. Those with caravans must dispose of their sewage in the appropriate places.
In line with current European law concerning waste disposal, please bring your rubbish to the waste disposal unit near the entrance to the campsite, next to the mini football pitch and the supermarket. Here you will find special containers for glass, plastics, paper and cardboard. Please place all other household waste in the grey bins.
Everybody should refrain from any activity that could jeopardise the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of any of the facilities, especially sanitary facilities.
Washing outside the appropriate sinks is strictly forbidden.
If necessary, washing can be hung out to dry in the drying room. However it is permitted outside tents and caravans until 10am provided it does not disturb the neighbours. Never hang garments in trees. Please respect the trees, plants and flowers. Guests are not allowed to hammer nails into trees, to cut branches or to plant anything in the ground. Do not mark out pitches yourself and please do not dig into the ground. Any damage made to plants, fences, the ground campsite or facilities will be paid for by the offender. The pitch should be kept in the same state as it was found upon arrival.

10° Safety

1. Fire

Open fires (wood, charcoal, etc.) are strictly prohibited. Stoves should be kept in good working order and must not be used in hazardous conditions.
In case of fire, inform the management immediately. Fire extinguishers are available in case of emergency. A first-aid kit can be found at Reception.

2. Theft

The management is responsible for any item left at the Reception and is also liable for the general surveillance of the campsite. Guests remain responsible for their own accommodation and should alert the management of any suspicious behaviour.
Although the campsite is under surveillance, guests are asked to remain vigilant and take care of their belongings.

3. Swimming pool rules

We must remind you of the hygiene and safety ruled enforced by French legislation (law 81-324 from 07 April 1981); these are applied for your comfort and safety: showering before using the pool is obligatory, you must remove your shoes, and it is forbidden to eat, drink or smoke at the pool.  Finally swimming briefs must be worn: board shorts or long swimming shorts are not permitted. Please be aware that if these rules are broken, the pools are at risk of closure. Kindly follow these rules out of respect for fellow guests.

4. Wearing an (unbreakable plastic anti-allergenic) security bracelet is mandatory. This will be provided on your arrival and must be worn at all times around either the wrist or ankle.

11° Games
No violent or disturbing games are allowed near the campsite facilities. The meeting room can only be used for quiet games. Parents must supervise their children at all times.

12° Unoccupied tents and caravans
Unoccupied tents or caravans can only be left on the campsite with the management’s approval and only on the pitch specified.
When caravans or tents are permanently left on the campsite, a tax will have to be paid, the amount of which is indicated at the Reception.

13° Information
These rules and regulations are displayed at the campsite entrance and at the Reception. They can be provided to any guest on request.

14° Violation of these rules and regulations
In the event that a guest disrupts the stay of other guests or does not adhere to the current rules and regulations, the manager or his representative can give a verbal or written warning if necessary to stop the disturbances.
In the case of serious or repeated violations of these rules and regulations after the formal warning made by the manager to adhere to them, the manager has the right to cancel the contract.
In the case of a breach of criminal law, the manager may call the Police.

These rules have been drawn up for your comfort and to ensure your stay at the Domaine du Colombier is an enjoyable one. We wish you a pleasant holiday.