Indian summer at Domaine du Colombier

This time of year heralds what we call the Indian summer! Of all seasons, we admit that it is our favorite. It offers all the advantages of summer without the disadvantages that come with it.

During the Indian summer at Domaine du Colombier, the summer effervescence fades slowly, a beneficial tranquility reigns and allows you to fully recharge your batteries. You will love this peaceful atmosphere whatever cottage you have chosen to stay at Domaine du Colombier.

The temperatures are mild and pleasant. They allow you to make the most of outdoor activities, the aquatic area and balneotherapy. This is the time to treat yourself to a holiday under the sign of relaxation and well-being, letting yourself be pampered by our professional team at the spa.


At the heart of our balneotherapy area.

You will find a plethora of equipment designed to offer you a smooth sports experience in heated fresh water:

Multiple hydrojets, aquatic anatomical benches, lumbar massage square, plantar geysers, aquabike, aqua elliptical, 3 swimming lanes and our submerged beach. You can sculpt your body gently and with pleasure.

However, if your idea of a perfect holiday involves letting time pass peacefully, our comfortable sunbeds are waiting for you. Enjoy the mild sun and fresh air in peace.

The Indian summer at Domaine du Colombier is the period when nature is adorned with its most beautiful colors, where serenity reigns, and where well-being becomes the norm. Come and live this unique and unforgettable experience.

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