The diversity of the landscapes on the French Riviera is only equalled by the variety of tastes, smells and colours.

Our on-site Tourist Office at the Domaine du Colombier 5 star Holiday village on the French Riviera will give you plenty of ideas for boat and coach trips to explore the region, or will offer inspiration for those preferring to discover the area by car.

The French Riviera region is home the second biggest forest in France, after that in Landes and is the premier department for horticulture. Vineyards extend over 37000 hectares, divided between over 450 wine producers.
Over 27000 beehives produce the regions honey.
The French Riviera extends along 300km of the Mediterranean coast and has a record 2800 hours of sunshine a year.

Choose the Domaine du Colombier 5 star Holiday village for your next holiday on the French Riviera to find yourself in the ideal location to enjoy pleasures of the beach, the countryside and discovering the area, all while making the most of the vast range of activities offered by this 5 star Holiday village.

Bougainvillée (Bougainvillea)

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A beautiful climbing plant, its colours vary through mauves, reds and fuchsia to pastel colours like yellow and orange. This plant will only do well if in full sun, its woody stems require support. It must be protected from frost, it is a typically Mediterranean plant, which thrives in hot climates. Requires moderate watering and a well drained rich ground.

Caesalpinia Gilliesii (Poinciana)

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This is a shrub with attractive green leaves, that produces, in summer, beautiful bunches of yellow pyramid-like flowers on long red coloured branches. It needs sun and a fertile ground. Minimum temperature 5°.

Cassia (Senne)

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A hardy perennial, tree-shrub which flowers between spring and the autumn in bunches of bright yellow flowers. The leaves are “par pinnate” (several small oblong leaves growing on the same twig). They have several different varieties, needs fertile ground and a lot of sun. Semi-hardy plant.

Spindle tree (Euonymus Japonicus)

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There are more than 150 different species growing in hot and moderate climate countries. Its foliage is ever-green and very decorative. Its soft green leaves give the impression that they are covered with oil. It is usually used to form hedges. Even though it is pretty resistant, it is susceptible to mildew.

Hibiscus (Malvacées)

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exist in many colours and in various foliages. The flower (single or double) is in all varieties very decorative and relatively big. The plant is semi-hardy (5 to 15 °) and needs a rich ground, drained well and a very sunny position. Flowers last for one day.

The Oleander (Nerium Oleander)

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Comes into bloom in the spring and continues right through to the autumn with an amazing abundance of flowers. This is a very resistant shrub that grows naturally near water and in sunny places. It can be found in gardens as just a normal bush, sometimes they are left to grow as big as a tree. Although mostly they are found in rows for terraces and hedges. Its large cluster of flowers are found in many colours: salmon pink, fushia (pink), pale yellow, white and red. The plant itself is very toxic.


Category(ies): ,

Is a smallish bush with dark green foliage. It exist in different colours usually mixed: red/orange, pink/purple, yellow/white there is also a bright golden yellow colour on its own. It has mases of flowers and is very resistant to dry weather conditions and can survive even down to temperatures as cold as -8C.

Mimosa (Acacia dealbata or Acacia decurrens)

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Originates from Tasmania and Australia. It blooms in winter with masses of flowers that can’t be missed as they are a bright yellow colour. The trees cover the hillsides and many gardens on the Riviera. The difference between the two species are the silver colour on the leaves of the dealbata and the green colour on the decurrence. It is pretty hardy, and even if it is touched by frost, new shoots sprout very quickly from the base of the tree.

Tamarix (Tamaricacées)

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A shrub or small hardy tree with green foliage finely engraved, having a good resistance to wind, because of its sea-side natural habitat. It flowers in light pink bunches until autumn. Requires a lot of sun and a well-drained ground.

Pittosporum (Pittosporum Tobira)

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Originates from Japan. It is a shrub with ever-green leaves used as hedges especially on the coast. It is very resistant to all weathers and it re-seeds itself. In Spring the air is full of the fragrance of the orange blossom scent that is released from the small bunches of pretty white flowers.